About us

Gardening brings pleasure to those who love nature, soil, flowers or just appreciate outdoor activities. This blog is created for people who are interested in this theme and aimed at acquiring more knowledge.

Goals connected with planting and landscaping in our blog

We set ourselves next goals:

  • help the readers to grow healthy fruits, berries, vegetables in order to save money at grocery stores;
  • encourage healthier eating at home;
  • increase the number of green spaces;
  • protect the environment;
  • answer typical questions simply;
  • give qualitative theoretical and practical information;
  • create a big community of gardeners from different cities, countries, continents.

About Us

This is a place for gardeners, plant lovers, explorers, readers and writers, walkers, lookers, wonderers and wanderers, collectors, savers, builders, creators, tinkerers, and those born curious.

Blog www.101gardentools.com – the right garden tools make any job in the garden easier and better!

www.101gardentools.com - about us home and garden ideas

Tools & Tips in our web site

Reading us, you get recommendations regarding:

  • watching, feeding, collecting plants;
  • storing, using, reusing of water;
  • treatment of common and almost unknown plant viruses;
  • working with tools;
  • ways of struggling with poisoning chemicals;
  • building, repairing of dacha;
  • having organic lifestyle, etc.


DIY your Garden and Home

Do It Yourself is our regular column which brings you lots of new skills. We teach you how to arrange your zone, build beautiful waterfalls, benches, pavilions, greenhouses, always have tasty harvest, cope withpests, bad weather conditions, frosts, make cheap garden accessories. Most suggestions don’t take much time and efforts.

Some articles are supported with educational videos. They make you understand the material and put it into practice immediately. All these articles are informativ for beginners and also for experts who have successfully spent many years on their yards. If necessary, you may talk to other users or get free consultations from professionals.