Best Gardening Gloves Reviewed and Rated 2018

There are a lot of cute gardening gloves and cheap gardening gloves available in the market, but you’ll have to decide what kind works best for you.

Anyone who loves gardening or is a habitual gardener will tell you the importance of gardening gloves. Gardening itself is a very productive and healthy habit to adopt. Anyone who wants to do something good for the society and believes that they really don’t have anything to contribute could start gardening. With the help of gardening, plants are given life, which benefits extremely to the society.

The real problem starts when you actually start gardening and begin to realize that it gets your hands dirty. It is true that gardening can get your hands dirty because you have to put your hands in the soil. But it is not that big of a problem that can’t be solved. All you have to do is buy gardening gloves and that is it. You’ll be ready to master the art of gardening. But buying the right kind of gardening gloves is also very essential.

Review of Best Garden Gloves with Claws

Garden gloves with claws will also help a lot when gardening. We know how hard it is to decide the best garden gloves for yourself. For your ease, we have created the following list of the best gardening gloves available in the market.


Handmaster Bella Comfort Flex

best gardening gloves Bella Comfort Flex

The Handmaster Bella Comfort Flex is considered a popular choice amongst gardeners. It is made of nylon. It can also be used by men and women both because these garden gloves come in three different sizes: small/medium, medium/large, and large/extra-large. These gloves are water resistant. They are good flexible gloves and perform really well. They come in black and pink or black or grey.

The Handmaster Bella Comfort Flex have nitrile palms that are textured and double coated. This quality of the gloves increases its grip and durability which is very essential for any good gardening gloves. They can also be washed easily with a machine.


Piddlin’ Jenny Women’s Leather Gardening Gloves

Piddlin' Jenny Women's Leather toddlers gardening gloves

For all the female gardeners out there, who find too hard to fit their hands in the regular gardening gloves can try the Piddlin’ Jenny Leather Gardening Gloves for Women. These gloves were specially designed for small hands. They also come in three sizes. These gloves are made from both polyester/neoprene and goatskin leather. They have excellent grip and durability. These gloves have reinforced leather knuckles and Velcro secured wrist closure which is the quality that wearers love. It also easy to wash. You can learn the skill of claw gloves gardening

Fir Tree Leather Gardening Gloves

Fir Tree Leather claw Gardening Gloves

Those who like full arm coverage during gardening will like the Fir Tree Gardening Gloves. These proved to be essentially practical for the wearers It comes in five different sizes that fit both women and men. It is made of washable goatskin leather and cowhide gauntlet. Wears have said that these gardening gloves have saved them from scraps and thorns during gardening. These gloves have excellent durability and very good grip. The best part about these gloves is that they won’t make your hands sweat in the intense heat. Your hands will remain cool. We definitely recommend these gardening gloves.

Bionic Gloves Relief Grip

cheap gardening gloves Bionic Gloves Relief Grip

These gloves are known best for their leather quality. They have amazing leather quality. These gloves are made from goatskin leather. Its best characteristic is considered its comfort. Wearers have reported that they felt very comfortable while using these. These gloves come in four different sizes for women and five different sizes for men. So, you will have a lot of options to choose from. You can choose the size that perfectly fits your hands.

The reason why these gloves are so durable is that it has silicon fingers and padded palms. These are the areas that wear off quickly and the manufacturers did an excellent job of making it more durable. You can easily work with thorns as well while wearing these. They won’t tear off. These gloves will definitely stay with for years.

G & F 5013m Just For Kids

claw gloves gardening G & F 5013m Just For Kids

If you have a toddler in your home that has recently developed a liking for gardening that you must have considered buying toddlers gardening gloves. You might have noticed that the most of toddler gardening gloves are made from thin material and are not sturdy enough. You can go for the G & F 5013M garden gloves that are made especially for the kids. These are the best garden gloves for toddlers. These are made from suede. They can handle intense garden work. Your child can easily pull out thorny weeds and carry logs, these gloves won’t wear off that easy. These gloves come in two different sizes that will fit kids aged from 4 to 9.

Atlas Nitrile Touch Gloves

green gardening gloves Atlas Nitrile Touch Gloves

If you are on a budget and looking for garden gloves that don’t cost a lot of money, then you should go for the Atlas Nitrile Touch Glass. They cost only $4 but still work very well. At this price, it is hard to find comfortable and durable gardening gloves but the Atlas Nitrile Touch Gloves secure 100 marks for these qualities. They are also pretty versatile. You can perform multiple gardening tasks with this. They are usually green gardening gloves but also come in three other colors like pink, black, and purple. This gloves have excellent grip and durability and are also machine washable.


Foxgloves Original Gloves

Foxgloves Original Gloves

These gloves have a snug fit and come in different colors and sizes. These foxgloves come in 8 different colors and 3 different sizes and made from Supplex nylon. They are water resistant. The claw gardening gloves are lightweight and flexible. They are an excellent choice for gardening.


Bella’s Women Rose Garden Gloves

These gloves are long and will fit tightly till your elbow. They are so durable that you can easily work with thorny plants like the rose. They have a padded puncture, resistant palm. Gloves are made from synthetic leather and spandex backing. They have excellent durability and wearers reported that they are very comfortable to use as well.

Claw Gardening Glove: Garden Genie

For those who like Garden gloves with claws should go for this option. These are very good gardening claw gloves. These gardening gloves with claws are very practical to use in the garden while gardening. Gardening claw gloves will make digging and planting extremely easy for you. These gardening gloves are puncture resistant. They have 4 ABS plastic claws on each hand. Wearers have reported that they are extremely comfortable to use even when used for long. They will provide the best claw gloves for a gardening experience.

G & F Soft Garden Jersey Gloves

These gardening gloves come in a pack of 3 with different colors. If you have a lot of gardeners in your home, then this the one you should go for. They are extremely comfortable because they are made from jersey material. These are durable and the PVC dots on it make it easier to pull weeds. These are also machine washable.

These were some of the best gardening gloves that will make your gardening experience better and more fulfilling. Grab your garden gloves as fast as you can and start gardening.

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