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If you have a little one at home who sees you doing gardening, chances are that he/she might also be interested in gardening. Gardening is a very productive and healthy habit to adopt. It will benefit your child a lot if he learns to garden. If your child is genuinely interested in gardening then you can make him happier by gifting him with some gardening tools for kids.

Nowadays, there are a lot of kids that love gardening and so many companies have started to manufacture kids gardening tools. Kids gardening supplies will make them more interested and enthusiastic while gardening. They will enjoy the tools that are exclusively made for them. Most of all, the kids garden tools are made with care and are extremely safe to use. You won’t have to worry about getting your child injured if you will provide them with the tools that were essentially made for them. We have made a list of the best kids gardening tools that are available in the market.

Little Pals Children Garden Toolkit

This is a complete gardening tool set for your little one. This toolset for minors includes a full sized shovel, cotton gardening gloves, hand trowel, full-size leaf rake, and a hand rake. Another wonderful thing that is included in the set is a beautiful shoulder bag. Your little one can carry all of his amazing gardening tools in this shoulder bag. The shoulder bag is perfect because it has many pockets that will fit the tools perfectly. You will also be left with some space after filling it with the above-mentioned gardening tools.

Little Pals Children Garden Toolkit

This garden tool kit for children is the right option for your kid. This is because it has all the essential tools required while gardening. Not only does it have hand sized tools especially for your little ones tiny hands but it also has full-sized tools. The selection of tools is also pretty amazing because no matter what job you’re doing in the garden, your little one will have the right tool with him to help you out. The best part is that the tools are made of wood. There are no plastic products in this toolkit. It is very safe and comfortable for your child. Most of the kids garden tools only suit toddlers, but this kit will go with kids aged from 3 to 10 easily. However, you’ll have to replace the gloves as your kid grows older.

Small Foot Company 1710 Garden Tool Bag

This is a set of kids gardening tools that contain all the essential tools that will be required while gardening. This amazing set includes hand trowel, hand rake, and watering can. This kids garden tool set also comes with a canvas bag to store all these cute mini supplies for your little one. The tools are made from painted steel and wood. However, the watering can is made from thin plastic. A sprayer is also attached to it. These kids garden tools are very practical because they are made from wood. They can really bare the grinds that happen while gardening. Kids will love to water the plants with that watering can. This toolset will help your child in developing basic gardening techniques.

Small Foot Company 1710 Garden Tool Bag


Tierra Garden Little Pals  Junior Garden Kit

This is a kids garden tool set that has amazing gardening tools for kids. This gardening toolkit has a lot to offer. It has a mini hand trowel, a mini hand fork, two garden markers, small bucket, and patterned gloves. These tools are included in the set along with a cute tote bag to store all these amazing tools. The tote bag is spacious enough to store all these tools. It will still have some space left to store other things. It can become the perfect garden bag for your child. The tool heads and the bucket are made of metal. This means that these tools are sturdy enough to carry out the basic gardening tasks. These are not just play toys but real gardening tools. Your little one will really learn the art of gardening with these tools. This toolset has all the necessary garden tools for kids.

Tierra Garden Little Pals  Junior Garden Kit

Prextex Kids 3-Piece Garden Tool Set

This trio contains a hand trowel, a shovel, and a rake. These three tools are so cute that your kid will love them. This toolkit is best suited for toddlers who have just begun to learn gardening with you. These tools are made from enameled metal. It is the perfect toolkit to introduce your child to gardening. With the help of these three tools, your child will easily learn the basics of gardening.

Windhager Children’s 5-Piece Garden Tool Set

It is a kids gardening set that has 5 amazing gardening tools that your child will love. This set includes two full-sized rakes, a garden claw, a shovel, and a broom. What’s amazing about these tools is that they have metal heads and they are sturdy, that means that they have the ability to actually perform in the garden. They are not just play tools. They can actually do some real gardening tasks. It is a great way if teaching your child the basics of gardening. What makes it different from other tool sets is that its tools have long handles measuring about 76cm. Your children will be very useful with these tools in their hands.

Windhager Children's 5-Piece Garden Tool Set

Twigz Children Gardening Hand Tools

This set of gardening tools for kids include hand fork, hand trowel, and a hand rake. The fun part is that these tools are brightly colored to attract your child. This toolkit is ideal for very young kids because these tools are made from plastic. Your child will have a lot of fun in the garden with these tools.

Gruffalo Child’s Gardening Gloves

The most essential gardening toolkit that your child will require is a gardening glove. The Guffalo Child’s Gardening Glove is the perfect choice for your child. It has a plastic coating on palms and fingers that makes these gloves durable and sturdy. Your child can perform tough jobs with the help of this. These gloves are also very comfortable to use. It is one of the best kids gardening tool sets.

Bosch Toy Garden Set

This toolset is a very unique one. It has a wheelbarrow and three essential garden supplies. The garden supplies include a shovel, a rake, and gloves. It is ideal for younger kids because it is made of plastic. However, the toolset feels pretty durable. The tools are great and your child will love them.


These were some of the most amazing and durable kids garden tool sets. This list will help you out in selecting the right and perfect kids gardening tools for your little ones. It is the best way to make your child habitual of gardening.

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